What's New You Ask?
Currently v6.5

January 29, 2005
Holland 2003 Pictures Ready
Travel was in July 2003 - 47 Images

November 26, 2004
India 2003 Pictures Ready
Travel was in December 2003 - 414 Images

July 10, 2004
Paris, France Pictures Ready
Travel was in July 2003 - 251 Images

May 16, 2004
Japan pictures completed!
Travel was in April 2004 - 441 Images

February 10, 2004
The ChemConnect Experience
Hundreds of Images from the ChemConnect days - 1999 - 2002

January 28, 2004
Italy pictures completed!
Travel was in May 2003 - 438 Images

May 26, 2003
Turkey pictures finally done!
Travel was in June 2002
- 792 images

February 11, 2003
Costa Rica holiday pictures released to the public!
(Costa Rica travel took place December 25, 2002 - January 5, 2003)

Photos I enlarged and put on my wall at home page

September 4, 2002
My Portugal pictures are finally complete!
(I traveled to Portugal November 2001)

September 2001
Honduras Pictures Finally Complete!
- went to Honduras in December 2000 -

October 2000 Changes:
A Day In London Layover en route to Africa
Additions to Antao's family

July 2000 Changes:
Joe's Visit (Mtn Biking/Kayaking/Wine Tasting Pics)
Horseback Riding
Dave and his Dog
Monica's Birthday in the Park
Another shot of Shasta
ChemDisconnect Pictures

May 6, 2000 Changes:

February 13 - 18, 2000 Changes:
San Francisco Skyline at Night
Animals in the Wild (Some From India)
High School Graduation Shot
Books I've Read List Updated

December 31, 1998 Changes:
A building just 3 buildings away on FIRE (4 Images)
Mt. Shasta - 14,162' Volcano in California (3 Images)
Along the Coast Of Oregon (3 Images)

December 16, 1998 Changes:
Added a section on recently read books
(will do more than list at some point)

November 25, 1998 Changes:
Last Images of Desolation Wilderness (3 Images)
The Blue Angels Perform over SF Bay (7 Images)
Brian Kohl Oddities Page - crashes,cuts and accidents (7 Images)
--Warning, this page has both blood and brawn on it--
One New Santa Cruz Coastline Picture

October 28, 1998 Changes (v2.2):
More Images of Folsom Lake Trip (3 Images)
More pics that Chris and Gavin took (4 Images)
Minor Adjustments, tweaks, sanitizaions

September 21, 1998 Changes (v2.1):
Desolation Wilderness Back Country Camping Pictures
(20 New Images)
Folsom Lake Camping Pictures
(3 New Images)

August 24, 1998 Changes:
New Layouts to multiple sections
Various Images with Black and White Versions
6 New Yosemite Sub-Sections - "Day Of Sunshine"
Two New Animal Pic's in "Animals In The Wild" Page
California Old Faithful Geyser Pics
Lake Tahoe Pictures!
Pictures of My Truck. Yeehaa!
Cactus and Paul Bunyan Pics!
Toiyabe National Forest and Mono Lake pics
A couple new Sense8 Pic's
New Nordic Literature Books
A couple of new "Other" Pics
Dungeons and Dragons Memories
and no new pictures of JFL IV :(

Creation of this website was sometime in 1997