The Gulet Trip
The first 5 days of our journey we spent on a Turkish "gulet;" a traditional fishing
boat converted to tourist carrying yacht. An international assortment of
visitors joined us on this cruise throughout the Gökova K
örfezi Bay along
the western Mediterrean (Akdeniz) coast of Turkey.


Sailing trip begins
and venturing to
Sedir Island...

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Gulet Images - Part 1
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Sedir Island

(aka Marc Antony
and Cleopatra island)
and other sights!

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Sedir Island and more Images
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Marmaris 1

We spent one great
day off the gulet
in Marmaris

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Marmaris 2

We spend 2 days in
more after the
Gulet Trip, and Turkey
celebrates a World
Cup Victory!

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2 Days In Marmaris After Gulet Trip ... Images
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Joining us on our gulet were an Irish couple, 2 Dutch women, a Danish/French
couple, Bonnie and myself, and another American. The waters of the bay were
crystal clear, extremely warm and so salty that even weak swimmers could float!

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