Vaz de Almada's

Tracing their family line back to the "12 of England" (as told in Cameon's heroic
epic, "The Lusiad's"), this family has as much nobility today as they had in
days gone by. Not to mention that Antao is my best friend in all of Europe!


The front of the family
home has ample parking.
A real luxury in such
a crowded, tight city!

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With trees and a cobble
stone road between
the family buildings

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Antao runs not so little
anymore Lorenço around
the yard on his 4

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Lorenço shows that tricycles are
still beloved by little boys; even
pink tricycles

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Getting to my room at
Antao's house only involved
a slightly deadly walk
across these boards

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My room was actually the room
that Antao and his brother grew
up in. It was really kind of them
to allow me to stay all week
here. The rhino head on the
wall is a really excellent
touch, think you not?

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A close up of our
beloved rhino head. The
room would not be complete
without it!

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Why go to a museum, when
you can find statues 100's
of years old right here
at home!


And those are my Portugal
pictures. I had a fabulous time
seeing yet another new country;
and this time, I got to spend most
of it with one of my very best

Life Really is Good!

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