Desolation Wilderness, Point Reyes National Seashore,
Mt. Shasta, Lake Tahoe, Oregon Coastline
Desolation Wilderness
Situated between Highways 80 and 50,
this wilderness is backcountry camping style
only. It's an appropriate name for a
geologically unstable
area of rock and elevation, and much
flowing water.

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September 1998

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Point Reyes National Seashore
20 miles North-West of San Francisco
(yes, west) a beautful peninsula on
the coast of Marin County

Photos from a hike to Arch Rock.
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Spring 1997

Point Reyes Seashore
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Mount Shasta
- 14,162 feet -
This volcano stands impressive on the
Northern California interior. West of the
volcanic Lassen Park, and south of Crater
Lake (Oregon), this volcano DEFINITELY
demands further investigation.
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December 1998

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Lake Tahoe
A nice day to drive around it.

August 1998

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Coast of Oregon
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December 1998

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