Iceland: Reykjavik, Gulfoss and more...

Why would anyone in their right mind fly to Iceland in late November?  The
temperatures between 20 below freezing and 10 above at all times, snow storms
everyday, 5 hours of light (sunrise at 10 am!).  Well, I decided to make my first
ever trip off the United States mainland to Iceland.  Did you see the list of
Norse books I've read -- starts to make some sense now?

- Late November 1999 -

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The Gulfoss Waterfalls, approximately
80 km North-East of Reykjavik
(in the middle of a snowstorm,
which turned into a terrible white
out in my near tragic excursion into
the winter covered Icelandic inland).

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Pictures of Gulfoss...
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Here you'll find shots of things I saw on
my drive to the Gulfoss Waterfalls
above. Note the picture to the
right was taken about 11:15 am!

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Reykjavik, Capital of Iceland
Half of the country lives here,
a country of only 270,000 total.

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