Norse Mythology

When I was at the University, one of my side routes of study was the classics. Having taken multiple courses
in Greek, Roman, Latin American and Norse Histories, I have come to find that the Northern European
cultures and mythology has intrigued me especially. Perhaps due to the extreme of these people; from the
barbary in their harrying (raiding and stealing) to the peaceful homelife of the majority of the people, to the
intricate governments and structures these people set up for themselves. From Northern Africa to the New
World, these peoples ruled the seas in a time when mythology was in the making, the last of the pagan
belief systems to fall to the mighty hand of Christianity.

See the pictures I took when travelling in Iceland, November 1999

Pathetically, this page hasn't been updated in a very long time, all the work goes into the photogallery... but you can
see all books I have been reading the last couple of years, including those of Scandinavian origin, on the
books page.


Norse Literature
I am continually trying to increase my collection of literature and documentation of these peoples,
of their sagas, of their time and impact. Select this link to go to my Visual Books page to see
which books I already own, and my thoughts on those that I've had the time to actually read.

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